Monday, July 12, 2010

A very happy Mr. S

Though I have been doing a lot of cleaning today in preparation for our upcoming Oregon vacation (SO excited), this post is not, in fact, related to cleaning or organizing at all. I simply thought you might like to share in the child-like joy of Mr. S enjoying his brand new grill.

Now there are a few things you should know.

  1. This grill was Husband's birthday present...his birthday was in May. 
  2. The grill was on backorder when I ordered it and they projected 2-3 weeks before we'd get it. WRONG!!!! Try more like 6. 
  3. There is no possible way to describe just how excited Mr. S was upon finding out he was getting a grill. It's almost like he was finally, really, truly becoming a 'man.' 
  4. He immediately read all of the online reviews about it, so he was ready from the day he opened the card.
  5. We couldn't pick it up the night I got the email saying it had arrived at REI. This meant Saturday was an extremely exciting day - new grill and a good friend's wedding.
  6. Once we got the grill home, Mr. S intermittently read the set-up instructions and attached a few parts until it was all put together.
  7. After fixing an issue attaching the mini-propane tank to the grill, on went the chicken breasts and zucchini for a delicious Sunday lunch.
  8. I told Husband he wasn't "official" until he had his beer in his hand.
With all of this, you get the picture below. Priceless. That's one happy husband.

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