Wednesday, December 30, 2009

New Year's Resolution

Normally, I'm not one for New Year's resolutions. One, I come up with seriously impractical and impossible goals which makes maintaining any part of the resolution a complete pain in the neck. And two, I just don't function as a goal-setter in this particular way. The last time (and only time) I tried writing out my resolutions in light of the new year was way back in 1994 when I was about a month away from being 10 years old. This year, however, I'm making an exception to my rule and writing out ONE resolution for 2010. Are you ready for this?

2010 Resolution: Weekly blog updates!!!

My thinking behind this is two-fold. As it currently stands, my mentality about updating is that it should be as much as possible. Yeah. That hasn't happened, and frankly, it needs to change. So that's one thought. The other is that part of what I've been trying to 'force' myself to do more regularly is create a cleaning schedule. It occurred to me earlier this week (when I realized I had not fulfilled my promise of an update) that the schedule should include updating the blog. And since cleaning (to some extent) happens here on a weekly basis, it makes sense that weekly updates are necessary and doable.

So, here's to no more broken promises!

On a lighter note, there was a Target trip today! My Target trips have a tendency to turn up an interesting ratio of 'practical' vs. 'impractical' items with a heaving tendency toward the 'impractical.' But not today! I was inspired while at home for Christmas with my family when my sister received a gift card to The Container Store. Upon perusing their website, I came across dresser drawer dividers/organizers. Now, I had seen something similar to this in an article somewhere (of course now that I'm mentioning it, I can't give credit where it's due!), but small baskets were used.

I immediately thought of my underwear drawer. Anyone else's underwear drawer a disaster? Mine is horrible and stems from a couple problems.
  1. My dresser drawers are wide, but not deep.
  2. I have way too many socks (because I never throw old ones away).
  3. Same problem with underwear.
  4. I have an aversion to folding undies.
The drawer dividers intrigued me. "Maybe I can actually organize my underwear drawer and keep it that way!" I didn't see quite what I wanted at The Container Store, so I decided to check out Target just to see what they might have. The basket idea was particularly appealing - cute and organized. I like the idea of opening my drawer and thinking 'cute!' Anyway...

Basket selection? Blech. So it was a good thing my heart wasn't sold on the basket itself. Especially since I found something better. Have you found the itso section of the storage and organization department at Target? If not, you should check it out. Here's what I purchased (photos courtesy of Target):

A clear, itso 'narrow tray' (definitely not orange) for my bras...
and two 'medium fabric bins' in pink (though the red is pretty) - one for socks, one for undies.

Now, I haven't yet implemented these because I was too excited to update here first. But since tomorrow is also a day off for me, you'll likely be hearing more! Hopefully these small little bins will sit nicely in my drawers and keep my underwear drawer from being a complete disaster.

Till next time...

~Ms. S

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Oh dear!

Even after multiple not-so-subtle hints that I should really update more often, I have managed to put it off. Call me a terrible person. Or simply know that after working with 40 four year olds all day, I come home exhausted and wanting to do just about anything but clean. That said, Mr. S and I will be visiting our families soon, so there will be some major (and admittedly, much needed) cleaning going on this weekend that promises pictures galore! Yay!

Now, just because my updates have been pitiful lately does not mean I've not thought about this blog. I happen to have a few note cards tucked away with some ideas for future topics. My hope is to morph this place slightly so that rather than simply giving my opinions and insights, I also include some information from outside sources more often. (Real Simple showed up on my Christmas list in various forms this year...but my eyes have been open for other blogs, articles, and magazines.)

Two topics to look forward to:
Organizing dresser drawers/dressers vs. armoires
Closets, closets, closets!

Check back in this weekend - I promise an update.

~ Ms. S