Saturday, July 18, 2009

Right now, I should be finishing cleaning up the bedroom before Husband gets home. Instead, well, I'm doodling away here. I'm particularly fond of cleaning, you see. And since there was a lot to do...yes, I am just making excuses. I don't like cleaning. That's the bottom line. Riveting post so far, huh?

How about this: tomorrow is our first anniversary. It's so hard to believe we got married one year ago already! On the one hand, the time flew by; on the other, time has moved so darn slowly. That is neither here nor there. Being that we're so busy, we don't even have solid plans past church in the morning. But there has been mention of brunch or dinner which would be absolutely delightful! I have no idea where we'll end up going - much of that clearly depends on which meal we'll be eating out. 

I think this post is not going to get much better. So for now, we'll call it good (mediocre, actually), and I shall post more tomorrow when more interesting thoughts fill my head.

~Ms. S