Friday, October 16, 2009

It's SO clean!!!

Well, that's been a long time coming, huh? Let me tell you, the pictures will not disappoint. Mr. S and I are hosting a house warming party tonight for some friends who have yet to see our place. Understandably, Husband decided it provided the perfect opportunity to clean, clean, clean. Here's a run down of what happened today.

  • ALL floors swept and mopped
  • ALL dishes washed
  • table scrubbed
  • stove top cleaned
  • counters scrubbed
  • bathroom cleaned
  • ALL clean clothes put away (this was an enormous accomplishment for me)
  • bed made
  • desk top cleaned
  • living room decluttered
  • all remaining boxes put downstairs minus the two next to the desk

It's impressive, people. And we're exhausted from all our hard work before our party has even started! But!! We have freshly baked cookies, mulled cider, apples and caramel dip, cheese and crackers, beer, and wine to look forward to; plus excellent company and some exciting games.

Something that Mr. S has been dying for me to update you all about is the under-the-counter lighting he installed for us two weeks ago. The light that had been above the sink burned out a while ago, so we replaced the bulb only to discover that the light itself was broken since it would not turn on with a brand new bulb. I wasn't heart broken about it - the light wasn't that great. It was a florescent of some kind and really didn't project much light, which made it most unhelpful. Needless to say, Husband is quite pleased with himself because the under counter lights are amazing. We love spending time in our kitchen that much more now that we can actually see what we're preparing or cleaning!

The only other thing I'll add (besides pictures), is that I got to purchase the gargantuan sized box of baking soda! :) I'm a happy camper. Enjoy the photos...

~Ms. S