Sunday, May 8, 2011

Photos of the projects going on...

Bedroom/Nursery before getting a new color on the walls....

My mom's hard work! We're SO pleased with how it turned out.

With the curtains hanging...

And with (some) of the furniture...

Still need to put the cradle and changing table in there. But the cradle is still in Iowa with my parents or grandmother, and Mr. S hasn't had the chance to work on the changing table yet. We still have a few months.

Gearing up for another set of curtains. Note my new workspace! Mr. S made us a fabulous desk out of an old door.

To add some color to the walls, as well as help me better organize my thread stash.

The new workspace in all its glory. Isn't my husband amazing?

The newest set of curtains was for this space. You're looking at the before - an awkward three panel set up that was driving me CRAZY! We weren't maximizing our natural light because that middle panel refused to move anywhere out of the way. Refused, I tell you! And then it would get stuck on the rod. Bah! It had to go.

To be replaced by something brighter, more cheerful, and more easily mobile. Just two panels here that slide like grease along the rod, and actually move completely to either side so we can maximize our daylight. Love!!
Happy Mother's Day to all the mothers out there! We've been busy over here and have more projects coming up we'll be able to share. :)

~Ms. S