Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Too Darn Hot

I'm melting, people. Melting, I tell you. Humidity was 88% today with a heat index of 105 well into the evening. The S house doesn't have air conditioning. Well, we'll receive a window unit from my father in-law tomorrow (thank God!), but that doesn't really help today. Before bed tonight, a cold shower will be in order, otherwise I don't think sleep will come.

It's days like this I long to transplant our lovely little life to the lovely Pacific NW coast. And considering our past week was spent in the coast's cool ocean breezes - wearing long pants and sweatshirts, and sometimes even a stocking cap - this weather is a punch in the gut. So rather than telling you about the new cleaning schedule I've finally come up with, or the laundry I put off today, or the three loads of dishes I did yesterday without being asked, or the fact that I'm in the middle of job hunting...instead I'm going to take you to the coast. And let you enjoy the cool breezes as I reminisce about a lovely vacation.

~ Ms. S

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