Saturday, April 24, 2010

Break through

This'll be a quick one...

Just wanted to note that THREE times this week, I came home and immediately did the dishes. What? You're not impressed?! Do you know me?!!! Ok, let's review. I, Ms. S, loathe doing dishes. It is my least favorite home related task, hands down. But, for two reasons I am making an effort to be better.

1. I know how it feels to be the only one who does dishes when you're living with someone, and that feeling sucks. Mr. S has voiced his frustration, so I'd better do something about it.

2. A counter and/or sink full of dirty dishes is just overwhelming. Logically that means doing the dishes when there are only a few is much simpler, easier, quicker, and satisfying.

Hopefully my streak will continue.

Also, I mopped the bathroom floor (and kitchen floor) today. It felt SO good!! I may not like doing dishes, but I get great satisfaction out of cleaning the bathroom. :)

Will have more tomorrow! For now, sweet dreams...

~Ms. S

Thursday, April 15, 2010


Sorry for the lack of updates recently. There was a debacle at the end of my spring break where we switched internet providers and ended up without it for an agonizing 72 or so hours - during which time I replaced all of (our only two) phone jacks in an attempt to fix the problem and avoid paying the new provider $85!!!! Who wants to pay that much for a service you haven't even enjoyed yet? Thankfully, I inherited some of the stubborn, practical, do-it-yourself-if-you-can mentality from my dad's side of the family. Had I ever done anything with wires before? Nope. The salesman at Menards assured me it was a very straight forward task to replace phone jacks, and for just about $6.00 I decided I could give it a try. I have to brag a little bit because not only did I replace the jacks, but in the process found a wire with a lot of its colored coating left on and thought, "I need a wire stripper!" Pretty sure I've never used one before. Have no idea when or where I would have learned to use one, but I found the wire stripper right away in our tool box and put it to good use!

Enough on that story. It didn't fix the problem, by the way. But we did eventually end up with internet again (obviously), and didn't have to pay the fee. And since spring break my social life has picked up exponentially. More accurately, my social life now exists! How exciting, right?

This post will be a little short, but I just wanted to share something with you that I think is *brilliant*! As I was visiting with a good friend last week, we got onto the subject of kids. She has two stunningly adorable little boys - 1.5 years and 2 months - and she was wondering when we might be starting our family. As much as some of you family that read this might like to know the timeline for the S clan, we're keeping that under wraps. My friend, however, has a close group of girl friends and all of them have had babies in the past 2 years. So, she bought plastic tubs - one for each friend - and labeled a tub with their name and gave them the instructions to label and keep their maternity clothes in these tubs.

I'm not super familiar with maternity clothes, so Gretchen filled me in - you don't want to buy everything for yourself since it's just 9 months. Supplementing a personal stash with some borrowed clothes is the way to go. Her bins are just fabulous for this, and clearly shows she's a thinker! Now, as this group of girl friends' extended friends begin to start families, they know exactly where their maternity clothes are and can give their friends the entire bin. Once their friend has had her baby, the bin is returned. Genius, I tell you! Not only does it keep you organized from the get-go, it's an amazing reusable gift for your friends.

Till next time....
~Ms. S