Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Too Darn Hot

I'm melting, people. Melting, I tell you. Humidity was 88% today with a heat index of 105 well into the evening. The S house doesn't have air conditioning. Well, we'll receive a window unit from my father in-law tomorrow (thank God!), but that doesn't really help today. Before bed tonight, a cold shower will be in order, otherwise I don't think sleep will come.

It's days like this I long to transplant our lovely little life to the lovely Pacific NW coast. And considering our past week was spent in the coast's cool ocean breezes - wearing long pants and sweatshirts, and sometimes even a stocking cap - this weather is a punch in the gut. So rather than telling you about the new cleaning schedule I've finally come up with, or the laundry I put off today, or the three loads of dishes I did yesterday without being asked, or the fact that I'm in the middle of job hunting...instead I'm going to take you to the coast. And let you enjoy the cool breezes as I reminisce about a lovely vacation.

~ Ms. S

Monday, July 12, 2010

A very happy Mr. S

Though I have been doing a lot of cleaning today in preparation for our upcoming Oregon vacation (SO excited), this post is not, in fact, related to cleaning or organizing at all. I simply thought you might like to share in the child-like joy of Mr. S enjoying his brand new grill.

Now there are a few things you should know.

  1. This grill was Husband's birthday present...his birthday was in May. 
  2. The grill was on backorder when I ordered it and they projected 2-3 weeks before we'd get it. WRONG!!!! Try more like 6. 
  3. There is no possible way to describe just how excited Mr. S was upon finding out he was getting a grill. It's almost like he was finally, really, truly becoming a 'man.' 
  4. He immediately read all of the online reviews about it, so he was ready from the day he opened the card.
  5. We couldn't pick it up the night I got the email saying it had arrived at REI. This meant Saturday was an extremely exciting day - new grill and a good friend's wedding.
  6. Once we got the grill home, Mr. S intermittently read the set-up instructions and attached a few parts until it was all put together.
  7. After fixing an issue attaching the mini-propane tank to the grill, on went the chicken breasts and zucchini for a delicious Sunday lunch.
  8. I told Husband he wasn't "official" until he had his beer in his hand.
With all of this, you get the picture below. Priceless. That's one happy husband.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Cleaning Cloths

Memorial Day weekend was spent down in Nashville, TN with my aunts. As reading for the flight down, I picked up (among other things) Real Simple's book, 'Cleaning.' In it they suggest purchasing a set of microfiber cloths for the bathroom and a separate set for the kitchen, as it minimizes the spread of certain bacteria from one place to another. Made perfect sense to me! So when I came across this brightly colored kitchen set, I immediately put it in my basket. They are now hanging inside the door of the cabinet where our trash can is with the color code hanging up behind it. Mr. S would like to find another place for them, but for now they have a functional home.

~ Ms. S