About the Blog

Hi. I'm Ms. S and I'm not an organized neat-freak at home even though I would like to be. So this blog is my attempt to help myself try harder, do better, and hopefully succeed. So far success is elusive, but I have high hopes. :) The "at home" distinction is important - I am an organized neat-freak at work, as I can't function productively in a messy, cluttered space. This puzzles Mr. S to no end.

Mr. S is my husband and frequently appears in the musings of this space. He alternates between extremely helpful and extremely sassy, as you will see. But mostly, he would be thrilled if I magically turned back into the organized neat-freak I happened to be when he met me. He has actually said if he'd known my true colors we likely would not be married. See? Sassy, I tell you. He doesn't really mean it, but there is a bit of truth to his sentiment. Also, I should note that I'm not that bad - and Mr. S frequently makes that comment, as well.

The title of this blog may seem a bit odd. It's actually the title of a song by John Doan, one of my favorite artists to listen to on a cool fall day. So for whatever reason, when I hear the title of this song the following picture is painted in my head: a crisp fall evening, with warm yellows, oranges, and pinks pouring through a tower window shedding light on an elegant, tidy room filled with books, a plush rug, two comfortable chairs, a beautiful black walnut table, and a fireplace.

If you happen to stop by, thank you so much. Let me know you were here! And please come back for more.