Monday, February 15, 2010

Wardrobes and nonsense

Nonsense first. Husband deceptively brought home his PS2 system from his parents' house when we were down Superbowl weekend. To his credit, he does not quite play nonstop. And if there's an important conversation going on, he will stop and talk to me. Mostly I just don't understand the appeal of video games. At. All. Books, movies, board games...those are all understandable forms of time-suckers. Video games are simply a lost cause in my case. Does anyone else feel the same? It's not like I'm that old - there were definitely video games growing up (though not really in my house). So I'm just curious.

Ok, glad that's off my chest! Moving on...

Our bedroom closet is horribly small. When my friend Sara told me about her big closet make-over, I thought maybe Mr. S and I could manage something with our closet. Yeah, not so much. We've come to the conclusion investing in a wardrobe would be a better use of our money. I was hoping we might have some time this weekend to check out some antique shops, but we didn't; nor have I found anything online I'm that fond of. So, pictures along these lines aren't here yet. Sorry.

In other bedroom news, I think we're going to be getting a new bed! Well, it's not really new. We're going to trade our double bed in for the king that Husband's folks put together for us at their place. Our current bed will stay at the in-law's for us to sleep on when we come to visit and we'll bring the bigger bed up here so that both of us will hopefully sleep better! This means, though, I'm in the market for new bedding. Now, I've always purchased bedding from Target or Bed, Bath, and Beyond, but I know there are other decent (better) places to check out - I just don't know what they are. Any suggestions?

Well, I certainly hope that some of you are enjoying a day off! I'm hopeful a birthday package will finally be delivered from UPS today, so I'm stuck around the apartment to clean and such. And maybe enjoy some Olympics?!

~Ms. S

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  1. Oooh two blog appearances! I'm flattered! my tension rods ended up failing so I got rid of my bathroom shelving. :( Looks like you avoided that! I am inspired to try again...

    Wardrobe- can I come shopping?!?!

    Try overstock for sheets. we loooove them or Macy's sales.

    <3 Sara