Sunday, February 21, 2010

Bedding Galore!

Mr. S and I are super excited about our 'new' bed! Not only are we excited about a more comfortable sleeping arrangement, we are also looking forward to the chance to start over entirely on our bedroom itself - furniture placement, bedding (colors and accents), artwork, etc. Pretty much, we'll be taking everything out and only putting what needs to be there back in.

In anticipation of this event (which currently has no timeline except 'as soon as possible'), I've started the process of looking for bedding. As stated in my last post, I want to do my shopping for bedding differently this time around. No Target; no JC Penny's; no Bed, Bath, and Beyond; no Kohl's. Not that those venues aren't good places to shop, but because we are looking for something completely different than what each of those stores offer. We want to invest in high quality, long lasting, timeless yet modern, sleek bedding.

Currently, we have a Thomas O'Brien chocolate brown duvet cover with matching shams from Target. While love the color, and Husband told me I could pick our bedding when registering for our wedding, Mr. S doesn't share my love. More importantly, we are SO sick of the duvet. It needs to be re-fluffed/re-cornered everyday, and let's be honest - that's high maintenance for this household.

In light of said feelings, here's our plan moving forward:
  • quilt or coverlet
  • white
  • colored sheets in yet-to-be-chosen accent color(s)
Do you have any idea how hard it is to find anything that fits the bill? Yikes! I happened to be at Target today shopping for my sister's birthday present, and found myself walking the bedding aisle because my search so far had yielded absolutely nothing. And I found a white quilt that wasn't so bad! Arg! I reminded myself Target is off limits for this purchase and forced myself to walk to the check-out.

A friend pointed me in the direction of for sheets, but I had no idea where to begin for quilts/coverlets. So, I let some blog friends help me out. This design*sponge article is a treasure chest of information! To begin with, I read through the entire post thinking something would have been recommended specifically that picqued my interest. That wasn't really the case, so instead, I focused on the websites that were mentioned for finding said bedding. And that, my friends, was where I began to get somewhere.

I checked out every website listed, but my favorite one was The website looks spectacular, selling the look Husband and I are looking to bring to our bedroom, and is incredibly easy to navigate - huge bonus! After scoping out everything offered, this coverlet is a front-runner (actually, the only runner for the time being). Beautifully simple, elegant, clean lines, white with texture added for intrigue, cotton (not a requirement, but I think it feels nice), machine washable!, and affordable. Thank you, thank you, thank you to the bloggers at design*sponge for putting together such a wonderful bedding guide.

What do you think, dear reader? Do you have any websites to recommend?

Till next time,

~Ms. S

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