Monday, August 9, 2010

Just buckle down...

Since most of you reading this are family and friends, you know that I am in the midst of a frustrating job search. Frustrating because of its length (6 months, not that I'm keeping track), and because in that amount of time only two first-round phone interviews have come out of it. Possibly better results than others have had, but I'm getting impatient and itching to have a job to go to.

What does this have to do with cleaning/organizing? Well, very little and a lot at the same time. Very little because it is not at all related to home projects of any sort; a lot because I haven't had the motivation to DO much cleaning and organizing as I sit in front of the computer all day with my phone nearby waiting...and waiting...and waiting. Not very productive. Hence the formation of 'The Cleaning Schedule,' and now a 'Job Search Schedule.' Sometimes you just have to buckle down and tackle the problems head on, right?

In an attempt to maintain a few shreds of sanity, I will be giving myself an allotted amount of time each day to spend searching for new jobs, and an allotted amount of time for preparing necessary application materials, and finally, an end goal for turning in said materials. Gee, anyone else see the former project manager in me? The rest of my day, then, is free for me to tackle any chores from 'The Cleaning Schedule,' run errands, and finish projects that have been set aside for the time being. Here's today's schedule:

11:30 - Noon: find new jobs for which to apply
 - break for lunch -
1:00 - 2:30: work on materials for applications
Plus today's cleaning chore: scrub kitchen sink and counter, wipe down dining room table, and disinfect the dish drainer
Plus a quick errand for toilet paper - never a good thing to run out of entirely.

I'm not going to give myself tons of time for the application materials bit because I have a couple really good cover letters written already that make it fairly easy for me to piece things together. But I'll give myself enough time to write a draft of a new paragraph or two. We'll try this and see how it goes. The crazy heat isn't helping things. Thank goodness for our window unit and fans!

*Sorry for the lack of pictures. I haven't really been sure what to pair with these two 'schedule' posts, so I promise pictures in my next post.*

~ Ms. S

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