Friday, March 5, 2010

Plum Luck

 Tonight was date night - something both of us had been looking forward to all week. Last night we discussed where we might like to go. I had a hankering for Chinese food, but Mr. S wanted a venue with a particular beer. Not being too hung up on my choice, we opted for his and decided to try out a place he'd heard fantastic things about from his co-workers. Dinner would be around 7, followed by a movie at one of our favorite local places, The Riverview.

Between work and dinner, I ran a few errands, including a stop at Target to see if they had restocked the Sally Hansen 'Complete Salon Manicure' nailpolish in 'Plum Luck' that I've been kicking myself for resisting for a number of weeks. Every time I've looked until today, every Target in our area has been out of that color. Thankfully, I was lucky tonight! And even picked up an additional color to try. Anyway, I hurried home with enough time to paint my nails before going out. :)

From this point on, date night went downhill. Buster's doesn't have a parking lot, so that meant parallel parking. Let's just say parallel parking has never been my strong suit, though I did manage fairly well. As I made my way to the sidewalk, I broke through the ice into a huge puddle (the street wasn't well lit, so I couldn't see what I was stepping into). And then there was a line out the door at Buster's. Alright. Not the end of the world. Husband was definitely more excited about the place than I was. As an alternative, we settled on a Minneapolis favorite - Pizza Luce.

I absolutely adore Pizza Luce. Their pizzas are creative, amazing, and yummy. However, it required another parallel parking job as this location did not have a parking log either. And upon entering, we could either sit at the bar (nope) or at a side-by-side table right by the window. Now, I like sitting next to my husband. However, I like sitting across from people better in one-on-one situations, as it's more conducive to conversation in my opinion. So, this table was fine, but not ideal. (They were really full, otherwise we would have requested a table.) It should also be stated that Mr. S and I are not exactly compatible pizza eaters. Tonight, he wanted 'something with Italian sausage, red sauce, and cheese; and the more toppings the better.' He was very uncompromising. So we went with 'The Classic' - a pizza with Italian sausage, mushrooms, onions, green peppers, black olives, pepperoni, cheese, and red sauce - with no onions. But even without the onions, totally not my kind of pizza. Not really a fan of sausage, green peppers, or any color olive. I would have been very happy with either of the potato pizzas (YUM!!!), but decided I could compromise tonight. Let's just say I only ate two slices of our small pizza and Husband had the rest. Needless to say, I was still hungry and looking forward to popcorn with our movie. Husband was getting a kick out of my 'luck-less' night so far and asked rather tongue-in-cheek 'What else could possibly go wrong with your night?'

We made our way to the movie theater where Mr. S showed me to a parking lot!! This was a new discovery and saved me from parallel parking for a third time. We were walking toward the theater when I looked at the bill board. We were supposed to see 'Invictus' at 9 pm. According to the bill board it started at 7 and 'The Messenger' was showing at 9:25!!!! We went inside just to make sure that was correct. It was. And 'The Messenger' didn't really intrigue either of us. No movie. No popcorn. So much for 'Plum Luck' on all 10 of my fingers!

We went to a coffee shop down the street from our place instead. What a night.

~Ms. S

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