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Last night, before retiring for the evening, I re-checked all the blogs I follow just to see if anyone had posted something interesting. I'm still not entirely sure I'm glad I did this re-check, but before I get to the point of the story, I need to give you some background information that is more than slightly embarrassing (and due to this fact, the information doled out is not entirely accurate - a right I reserve to prevent what judgment I know is coming). Let me tell you about bedsheets.

I like bedsheets. They provide a soft place to sleep at night, and generally keep me well insulated. However, I do not like washing them in the small little washers here at our apartment, where I can only fit a single set (and nothing more) inside. They become a large pain. Therefore they are not washed as often as Husband or I would prefer.

Getting back to the point of this story...

Last night, while perusing the blogs, there was an entry that seemed to scream, "read me!" from Apartment Therapy.  I did what was only natural - I read it. Lo and behold, this entry began by informing me that most people (ie: everyone but me) wash their sheets weekly. ACK! Then went into the whole bedding schedule - for cleaning. And I thought I was just going to enjoy going to bed last night.

After washing my face and brushing my teeth, I grabbed our flannel sheets out of the linen closet and proceeded to unmake and remake the whole bed. Let's just say that the sheets coming off of the bed had been there far too long and leave it at that. Go ahead, gasp, cringe, make a 'grossed out' face, judge me horribly for my domestic short comings. Goodness knows, I do it to myself. It was high time to put fresh sheets on...I just hadn't planned on doing so at 10 PM last night.

But I should back up a little. Upon reading this, I mentioned it to Mr. S and got into a very defensive discussion about the acceptable timetable for bedsheets. Are you ready for my ridiculous excuse? It impresses even me. "Well, if we finally used our laundry time slots regularly, and therefore had fewer clothes, I could prioritize washing the sheets! But since our washers can only fit one set of sheets, they take last priority." Mr. S proceeded to tell me I should take our sheets to the laundromat. Which, today, presents itself as a good idea, but last night was frustrating.

Needless to say, the bed got fresh sheets. I will be making weekly or biweekly trips to the laundromat seeing as how there is one just down the street from us. But the kicker to the story is this. When I searched for the article tonight, so I could provide a link to what had spurred me into action, I couldn't find it! 'It couldn't really have just appeared last night long enough to make me feel so guilty I spent about 20 minutes changing the sheets on our bed!' I thought. But it certainly looked that way for a good 15 minutes or so until I used the 'search' function in Apartment Therapy to find it. *huge sigh of relief*

The article is great - based on information in the January issue of Martha Stewart Living about washing pillows. So, when I make that trip to the laundromat, our pillows will likely make the trek with me.

Thank you for amusing me and listening reading my whole story.

Ms. S

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