Tuesday, January 5, 2010

1 Organized Drawer...

I was all excited about updating you tonight on the amazing transformation of my underwear drawer when Husband unexpectedly sprang a conversation about budgets on me. It was actually a fairly mellow conversation regarding a few ideas he has about future expenses - and I'll concede his ideas are smart ones. Nevertheless, the conversation made me turn to eating chips directly out of bag. Without counting or paying attention to how many I consumed. Harumph.

With that out of the way, last night I finally implemented my plan to reorganize my underwear drawer. And it turned out wonderfully! The three pieces fit the width of my drawer perfectly. So perfectly, in fact, that when Husband entered the room and saw what I was doing he asked if I'd measured the drawer and subsequently the bins before making my purchase. That probably would have been a smart idea, but no, I was just amazingly lucky. Actually, Mr. S said, 'Well, at first I just thought you were brilliant...' Thanks, smart ass.

So, my socks and undies are in their cute pink bins flanking the clear plastic bin that sits between them for bras and nylons. Besides determining I need to learn the 'proper' way to fold socks if there is one, it went quite well and all three bins are seriously organized. I feel one step closer to Martha Stewart already. However, I'm not sure how long folding thongs is going to last. Seriously. Who am I, right? My only slight complaint (besides neurotic folding of underclothes), is that the pink bins ended up being barely taller than my drawer, so it doesn't quite close all the way. Oh well. It's so much better than before, I'm willing to give it a long try.

Husband had his smarty pants on last night in a big way. In addition to the above conversation, upon looking at my finished product, he informed me that he uses dividers in his dresser drawers, too. 'This side for white socks, that side for dark ones three stacks deep.' Since he was being so helpful, you will also find pictures of two of his drawers below. Apparently his underwear drawer was 'too messy' to be included since it's being used to store many things other than boxers. (Eye roll). Whatever.

Enjoy the pictures...one before and a couple in process to the finished product!

~Ms. S





 Husband's drawers....

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