Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Oh dear!

Even after multiple not-so-subtle hints that I should really update more often, I have managed to put it off. Call me a terrible person. Or simply know that after working with 40 four year olds all day, I come home exhausted and wanting to do just about anything but clean. That said, Mr. S and I will be visiting our families soon, so there will be some major (and admittedly, much needed) cleaning going on this weekend that promises pictures galore! Yay!

Now, just because my updates have been pitiful lately does not mean I've not thought about this blog. I happen to have a few note cards tucked away with some ideas for future topics. My hope is to morph this place slightly so that rather than simply giving my opinions and insights, I also include some information from outside sources more often. (Real Simple showed up on my Christmas list in various forms this year...but my eyes have been open for other blogs, articles, and magazines.)

Two topics to look forward to:
Organizing dresser drawers/dressers vs. armoires
Closets, closets, closets!

Check back in this weekend - I promise an update.

~ Ms. S

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