Sunday, August 16, 2009


I will post photos tomorrow, but enormous progress was made on cleaning this weekend! All because the husband stepped in to help. With the pressure of his Godmother, her kids, and his parents coming up with the explicit purpose of seeing our place (and us, too), he decided we needed to get our rears in gear!

Here is the list of what got done:
  • dishes
  • swept kitchen, bathroom, and living room floors
  • cleaned dining room table
  • cleaned counters
  • cleaned bathroom
  • tidied living room (including placing some boxes in storage!)
  • organized and cleaned bedroom
Let me tell you...our place looks amazing at the moment! Minus the pile of crap on my desk, but for now, we'll overlook that detail. The biggest changes happened in the living room and bedroom. Husband's sister has been staying with us while finishing up her job before her move to WI. Well, she left Saturday after our get together, but packed up all her stuff long before which meant we could fold up the sleeper sofa. We got our living room and couch back nearly with the snap of our fingers! It was pretty incredible. (But, dear Sister, you are welcome back any time. We really enjoyed having you.)

The other change, that is sure to drop jaws once pictures are posted - the bedroom. Let's just get one thing out there right now. Thou shall not judge. I know our bedroom was ridiculously messy. I realize, as Husband regularly points out, that it is not, in fact, that hard to put clothes away - I just really dislike doing it. :) So, my friends, we come back to the real point of the blog: Ms. S desperately needed a project, and knew this would be a healthy thing for her to take on. She would never in a million years claim to be a cleaning/organizing expert. Hence, the blog.

Ok, now that that's out of the way...our bedroom is now very neat and tidy. All the clothes are put away in dressers or the closet, the bed has the lighter summer quilt on it, *you can see the floor*, and even though we don't quite have a spot for everything yet (we do still have boxes in the room), our stacks are well contained within a small area of the room. 

It's fair to say I would not have made this much progress on my own. The checklist I had made for earlier in the week? Yeah, it totally didn't get done completely. So the fact that so much was accomplished means I must give credit to Husband and Sister (in-law) for their help. Thankfully, our hard work payed off. Our guests were impressed and pleased with our place. So are we! And it truly feels wonderful to come home to a clean house.

My goals for this week (main focus: Desk):
  • tackle the mess that is my desk
  • begin the new filing system (pictures and explanation will be provided!)
  • maintain this level of cleanliness throughout apartment
  • begin to develop long-range cleaning/organizing schedule
  • implement one or two new ideas from Real Simple Solutions
~Ms. S

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